CHALEX optimizes product information and project management across supply chain product development from concept to shelf.

SmartFlo deploys incrementally to streamline change and improve process management, production, and marketing distribution down to the task for the project or job in hand.

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SmartFlo technology is available under license through the CHALEX Corporation partner program. Schedule a use case discussion to explore opportunities and initiate a uniquely configured SmartFlo team trial.

Our Services

CHALEX believes that rapid on-time on-boarding leads to greater engagement and happier outcomes.

We supply software and support services to help customers and their supply chain partners implement digital transformations by providing intuitive ways to automate review and approval of the business processes for the enterprise.

Fully integrated workflow rules engine manages conditional task routing
Design & Development of Custom data entry forms and dashboards
Multi-tenant SaaS BPM platform hosted on AWS (or onsite)
Product Information Management Service
Digital Asset Management platform with RESTful APIs and private archives
Secure platform for monitoring compliance