Welcome to CHALEX

Formed in 2002, CHALEX offered consulting and custom software development to clients in publishing, packaging, and retail. We pivoted to develop a (SaaS) product in 2009 and launched SmartFlo at IDL Worldwide to manage promotions for the national convenience store chains of BP, Sunoco, and Chevron. In 2013 SmartFlo won the MillerCoors Marketing Contributor of the Year award for Madden Graphics successful implementation of SmartFlo to manage MillerCoors NA promotions. 2014 the Mars Company selected SmartFlo to replace their current system. NPN360, a pioneer in global marketing execution for some of the world’s most iconic brands, and an authorized SmartFlo reseller, sponsored the expansion of SmartFlo to manage product lifecycles for a range of brands including Federated Foods, and Pabst.

CHALEX makes SmartFlo, a multi-tenant SaaS platform providing project, and job-based business process, and digital asset management services in a pre-configured cloud server. Out of the box, SmartFlo is optimized to manage the lifecycle of product development, with the automatic curation of all related digital assets.

The digital asset management and collaboration service of SmartFlo is ArtFlo. ArtFlo is available separately and may be upgraded to SmartFlo at any time.

SmartFlo helps monitor corporate governance, ensure regulatory compliance, and simplify quality review & approval processes for any number of affiliated groups of users.